Tuesday, May 7, 2013

That dip is dillicious!

Remember that mayo we made yesterday? Remember how I said it was essential? Yeah-it's an essential part of making this unbelievably delicious buttermilk...dill...sauce...thing. 

Look, I didn't have enough time to come up with a good name for it while I was shoving it in my face, okay? And trust me, you aren't going to much care once you've done the same, either. 

That awesome dill stuff

1 cup mayo
1/4 cup buttermilk
A good handful of fresh dill
A good handful of fresh chives
Fresh black pepper
Ground sea salt
2 or 3 cloves garlic (I recommend 2. 3 is pretty much my limit with this recipe since it's so powerful and you lose a bit of the dill if you use too much.)

Chop up your fresh herbs, and squeeze your garlic through a garlic press. Throw them in the bowl. Whisk in the mayo until its like the most herb-packed mayo ever. Then add the buttermilk. Add a good amount of salt and pepper until you particularly think it tastes delicious b

Bam. Dill stuff. 

So far, I've gotten great enjoyment out of using it as both a dip, and a reeeeeeeally awesome dressing for salads! 

Try to resist just guzzling it like a super weird beverage. 
<3 Kat. 

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